Build your cannabis business the right way.


The cannabis industry is booming and becoming the fastest growing industry in the United States. At NorCal Cannabis Consultants, we can assist you in establishing and growing your cannabis business the right way. Our specialists provide consulting in the areas of business formations, and licensing and legal compliance. We can also provide training in the best grow methods, extraction methods, and cultivation methods. NCC provides services in The North Bay/Marin County, The South Bay, The East Bay, and San Francisco.



Services Offered:


- Permit Application and Legal Compliance

- Zoning Compliance

- Business Structure and Formation

- Business Plan

- Branding/Logos/Trademark Protection

- Investor Relations


- Equipment

- Grow Training

- Extraction Training

- Cultivation Methods

- Risk Management

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Client Service Plan


New to the industry?


We consult with individuals and teams who have the desire and resources required to enter the cannabis industry. Often, it’s a matter of building your experience on the “How To’s” of designing and operating an efficient cultivation facility or dispensary. Our consulting and business planning experience will support you in expanding that knowledge specific to your needs.


Experienced in the industry?


We understand that your business is unique and requires personal, customized, and in-depth knowledge of the industry in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. With NorCal Cannabis Consulting, we invest time in learning about your company, your culture, and your goals to help you build a successful and sustainable business.


Our individual, yet customizable, service options in the cannabis industry can be incorporated into an all-inclusive package that walks you through dispensary business planning, grow-house consulting, accounting, and outsourced human resource services.


Compliance Assessment

Compliance is something commonly overlooked until you are being inspected, investigated, and under threat of being fined or put on probation. We pride ourselves on having a thorough understanding of regulated markets to help our client’s cultivation and retail infused-product businesses meet and maintain regulatory compliance. We work with our clients to maintain standard operating procedures in accordance with California regulations.

Are you an existing operator? Our compliance auditing and monitoring helps experienced clients navigate rapidly evolving laws and regulations that may leave you at risk. These regulatory topics include:


  • License Renewal Requirements

  • Water Disposal Procedures

  • Transportation Procedures    

  • Record Keeping and Documentation Requirements

  • Seed-to-Sale Inventory Tracking

  • Packaging and Labeling Requirements

  • Security Requirements

  • Product Storage

  • Mandatory Signage   

Applications & Licensing

California is still developing a functional and effective licensing and registration system which has lead to many changes that can be tedious for you to track.  Our staff assesses the necessary details of your facility to secure the state-issued license that applies to you.

We walk our clients through the facility design process to establish a clear operation plan that is submitted in your application. Handling application can be costly; this is why our top priority is to help make business planning a positive experience by teaching our clients how to produce the highest quality products with the lowest cost of production. When a license has been secured, our team will support you in becoming fully operational in this emerging industry.

Business Structure and Registration

*We probably shouldn’t put prices on the website.  There are lots of arguments about whether this is a good or bad idea.  I just don’t want potential competitors to find out what we are charging.  Let’s just create different tiers and be ready to quote prices, but I don’t recommend putting prices on the website.

We assist clients in determining the best business structure for your cannabis business in order to protect your assets and limit personal liability.  Other issues to take into consideration in determining the best structure for your business include transferability, privacy, and raising money.  Once we have determined the best structure for your business, we will assist in forming your business and draft all necessary documents. 


Business Plan:


Getting your business started can be a difficult task.  With a concise business plan in place, the process of getting your business off the ground will be much more seamless. We can help lay the foundation of your business by putting together a plan that achieves your unique goals and provides credibility to your business and confidence to your potential investors.

Facility Planning & Design Services



We assist clients in determining locations that best meet their needs by facilitating walkthroughs and assessing utilities. For existing facilities, we cultivate the schematics by ensuring the existing layout is designed to operate at maximum efficiency.


  • Site selection

  • Space planning

  • Lighting specifications

  • Building system and coordination

  • Oil and distillates quality control components

  • Equipment recommendations

  • interior/exterior renderings



We consult with new and existing spaces to build and attract a sophisticated shopping experience that will give you a competitive edge in retaining customers.


  • Space planning

  • Architectural evaluation

  • Lighting design

  • Custom casework design

  • Furnishing

  • Fixtures

  • Equipment specifications

  • Oil and distillates quality control components

  • Market research

  • Interior graphics and branding

  • Website Design

Operation Plans and Procedures


We help our clients build the framework for a detailed and tactical business plan. We will assist you in understanding and meeting the goals of:


  • Operations timeline

  • Cultivation facility layout and constructions

  • Odor management plan

  • Employee Roles, duties, responsibilities, and qualifications

  • Creation and implementation of standard operating procedures

  • Plant/Product timeline

  • Production Control

  • Best practices in cultivation and methodologies

  • Sample medical marijuana strain list

  • Nutrient and Additive practices

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Cultivation equipment list

  • Inventory control

  • Packaging and Labeling

  • Storage

  • Transportation Policies and procedures

  • Sanitation Plan

  • Waste Disposal Management

  • Workplace safety and emergency response

  • Diversion Prevention

  • Recordkeeping policies and procedures

  • Complaints, returns, and recalls



Our staff will help you understand and build a detailed plan for dispensing cannabis. This includes:


  • Operations Timeline

  • Employee Roles, duties, responsibilities, and qualifications

  • Creation and implementation of standard operating

  • Training plan framework

  • Dispensary daily operations

  • Dispensary equipment list

  • Odor management plan

  • Inventory control

  • Packaging and labeling

  • Storage

  • Sanitation plan

  • Waste Disposal Management

  • Workplace Safety and Emergency Response

  • Diversion Prevention

  • Recordkeeping policies and procedures

  • Complaints, returns, and recalls

  • Vendor Relations


Funding & Banking

  • Pitching for investment

  • Investor relations

  • Banking applications

  • Risk assessment

  • Readiness review preparation

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Compliance training

  • Tax compliance

  • Documented cash management supply chain